Patricia Claro and the language of water
Patricia Claro’s journey in the art world

Revista Apóstol en Familia, Chile, Junio 2017

Patricia Claro y su arte en las aguas de Mato Grosso
Pinturas, fotografías y videos sobre lagunas y ríos

Artes y Letras, Diario El Mercurio, Chile, Marzo 2016

Los 10 mejores paisajes chilenos
Paisaje Chileno: ¿acaso nuestra única tradición artística?

Artes y Letras, Diario El Mercurio, Chile, Septiembre 2016

Estéticas Localizadas
Obras de la artista chilena Patricia Claro.

Correio do estado, Brasil, 20 Junio 2016

Olhar Apurado
Obras de la artista chilena Patricia Claro.

Campo Grande MS, Brasil, 18 Junio 2016

Para leer el agua como poesía
Formas D’Agua, obras de la artista chilena Patricia Claro.

Correio, Brasil, 22 Marzo 2016

El Agua como forma de arte.
Museo Nacional recibe muestra con obras multimedia de la artista chilena Patricia Claro.

Metro, Brasil, 23 Marzo 2016

Día del Agua marcado por Exposición
Chilena utiliza videos y otros lenguajes para mostrar las posibilidades artísticas del agua.

Destak, Brasil, 22 Marzo 2016

Patricia Claro: una indagación mental
Verdades e ilusiones. Un paisaje hecho de agua. Las travesuras de la luz

Por Gina Benvenuto

Periódico al Límite, 2010.

Artista destacado: Patricia Claro
Dejar que la luz dibuje

Arte al Límite, Mayo 2015.

Lo mejor del arte actual está presente en la 56ª Bienal de Venecia
Muestra reúne a 90 países y 136 invitados.

Díario El Mercurio, Mayo 2015.

Nuevo libro reúne a artistas de la Universidad Católica
El volúmen incluye 100 pintores con diversos estilos.

Díario El Mercurio, Agosto 2015.

Patricia Claro, de lo visible a lo invisible
El tema pictórico de Patricia Claro es el agua, sus sombras, reflejos, cambios y deformaciones.

Revista AAL, enero 2015.

Fluir del agua como inspiración para la creación artística
Artistas dialogaron en torno al arte y la relación con el recurso hídrico

Díario Concepción, Enero 2015

El agua y sus dimensiones ocultas se presentan un Pinacoteca de la UdeC
Obras de Patricia Claro y Teresa Gazitúa.

Díario El Sur, Enero 2015

The artist who paints water sensations
Exhibition “FORMS OF WATER”, Pinacoteca Universidad de Concepción, January-February 2015.

El Mercurio, by Daniela Silva Astorga, January 2015

Patricia Claro in Revista ED
Exhibition “MOTION AND DISTORTION”, Frederico Sève Gallery, New York, May 2013.

Patricia Claro exhibits in Frederico Sève Gallery, Nueva York

“Motion and Distortion” is titled the exhibition of six paintings and a video of the featured artist.

by Daniel Swinburn, Diario El Mercurio, April 2013.

Patricia Claro: “I take from Río Bueno, eight seconds of time”
by Cecilia Valdés Urrutia, Artes y Letras, Diario El Mercurio, November 2011.

Animal Gallery closes with three exhibitions showing paintings, videos and installation

Solo Show of Patricia Claro “Time and Rivers don’t Flow Back”

La Tercera, Noviember 15, 2011.

Patricia Claro: A Pictorial Epistemology

The artist explores the possibilities of knowledge. The truths and illusions of the mental flow. A landscape made of water.

by Gina Benvenuto, Arte Al Límite magazine Nº 44, September-October 2010.

“A hint of Warhol left wanting more”

“Time and Rivers don’t Flow Back”. Particular painting technique of Patricia Claro, with brilliant eloquence to show the flow of a southern river.

by Waldemar Sommer, Diario El Mercurio, Artes y Letras, December 4, 2011.

Patricia Claro, Submerged

She participated in May in Arteba, the International Contemporary Art Fair of  Buenos Aires, and is already working for her next solo exhibition at the year’s end in Animal Gallery.

by Carolina Díaz, East Side Magazine, Nº 33, June 2008.

“Clear Water”

From far away, Patricia Claro’s paintings are perfect pictures of different views of the water; from closer, a universe of textures. Only with one individual exhibition, we can already clearly see this artist’s future.

by María Jesús Carvallo, ED Magazine Nº 161, March, 2009.

Patricia Claro: “I create a  Post-landscape”

She has just inaugurated, in Galería Animal, her first individual exhibition. It reveals her original and surprising graphic work. “All landscapers have always looked towards the horizon; I look down”.

by Magaly Arenas Zapata, Artes y Letras, EL MERCURIO, December 7, 2008.

Patricia Claro, Redescovering the Landscape.

Until January 3rd, Galería Animal exhibits the last paintings of an artist that, by a careful digital and pictorial technique, achieves the establishment of a new approximation to the natural surrounding register.

Periódico Arte Al Límite, December 2008.

Patricia Claro y Ricardo Maffei: “When Realism Suggests” 

Patricia Claro depicts the calm and flow of waters with its lights and shadows, brightness and transparencies, with reflections of its surroundings. This is the genuine theme of Patricia Claro which is now being shown in Animal Gallery.

by Waldemar Sommer, Diario El Mercurio, Artes y Letras, December 28, 2008.

”Curator of the Biennial of The End of the World wants chilean art”

Alfons Hug came from Ushuaia to our country in a search for new talents and to add them to Sebastián Preece and Claudia Aravena, who already integrated their projects.

by Carolina Lara, El Mercurio, Culture, May 5, 2009.

Was inaugurated the Second Biennial of The End of the World 

With the presence of important personalities of contemporary art scene.

by Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffa, CLARÍN, April 24, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Final Landscape: Paintings and Photographs 
of Patagonia

Is a FONDART project with artists María José Concha and Patricia Claro, young painters and photographer José Viviani.

El Diario de Aysén, January 15, 2008.

Exhibition “Final Landscape” at Espacio Arte Aysén

FONDART Project with paintings of Patricia Claro and María José Concha, and photographs of José Viviani.

Diario El Divisadero, Aysén, January 16, 2008.


Solo Exhibition “Another Landscape”, Kelley Roy Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA.

by Denise Colson, Revista Art District, Volumen 1, Nº4, February – March, 2010.

Art News, “Another Landscape”: Patricia Claro

Art Districts Florida Vol 1 Nº 21, October-November 2009

“The Chosen Dozen”

Twelve members of AICA, the association that brings together the leading art critics of the country presented their selection in this exhibition organized by the University of Talca in their Santiago headquarters. With expert voice, eight of them give their reasons for choosing this group of artists among many young talents.

Vivienda & Decoración edition Nº 692, El Mercurio, October 10, 2009.

“Doce x Doce”
by Nena Ossa, Universidad de Talca – AICA, October 2009.

Land – Shape

Exhibition at Corporación Cultural de Las Condes.

Itinerary, Artes y Letras, El Mercurio, July 1st, 2007

Pieces of Reality

Current News, Diario El Mercurio, Vivienda y Decoración, July, 2007.

Land Shape, Patricia Claro + María José Concha

Blank Out Magazine Nº 24, July, 2007.

Chiuminatto, Concha y Claro: Gazing Upon the Landscape

A typical pictorial theme, landscapes, has been interpreted in three different ways by two female artists, in “Instituto Cultural de Las Condes”, and by a male artist with trajectory, in “Sala Gasco”.

by Waldemar Sommer, Diario El Mercurio, Artes y Letras, July 15, 2007.

Patricia Claro, Absent Nature

Having a hyper-realistic and abstract appearance in the view’s cut, this Chilean painter’s landscapes poses a topic renewal from the pictorial illusionism and a creative process of multiple stages, where generally they are photographic close-ups of water manipulated by digital means, then used to work the painting with profuse manual technique.

by Anita Lavín, Arte Al Límite Magazine, Nº 30, March-April, 2008.

Who Darwins Indianer Litten

Even Tierra del Fuego is now territory of the art world: the “Biennial of the End of the World” in Ushuaia.

By Sebastian Preuss, Berliner Zeitung, No. 108, May 11, 2009

Patricia Claro: A Mental Inquiry 

Truths and Illusions. A landscape made of water. Mischiefs of light.

By Gina Benvenuto, degree in Aesthetics and journalist, newspaper Al Limit Nº 61, August, 2010,

Inspiring Nature

These eight artists see the landscape in a unique way. His works are not governed by the canons of classical figuration or remain in the photographic limits. They explore further, experimenting with subtlety to approach near abstraction.

by Luz Maria Prat de la Vega, El Mercurio, Housing and Decor, July 7, 2007.

The Art of Inclusion 

What happens when an expert starts to paint with a child suffering from a disorder in its grouth? The MIRAME Foundation, which promotes the inclusion of children with special needs in the national education system, invited 20 visual artists to live this experience. The experienced by these three working duos remained on these testimonies.

by Sofia Beuchat, 1402 nbr WOMAN Magazine, Diario La Tercera, Sunday, August 23, 2009

TERAIKE Contest: Chilean painters meet in Patagonia 

In Braun Menéndez palace –current Patagonia Museum-  was inaugurated the third edition of the international competition “Teraike: Painting Patagonia”. With specialists arrived from Spain, Argentina and from other Chilean cities, this meeting goes around the natural and historical legacy of Magallanes.

By Cecilia Valdés Urrutia, Arts and Letters, El Mercurio, April 2011