My work is done by capturing the randomness of nature through the development of pictorial sequences, videos and interventions on terrain that manipulate the concept of time. The landscape theme is related to a rigorous study of water and its characteristics.

This observation begins with the digital capture on the field of the reflection and refraction of light on the surface of the flowing waters of the rivers in southern Chile. The different atmospheric conditions, seasonal changes and variations of light during the day, determine the image that will afterwards be processed on paint. The permanent change of water has made ​​me recognize in them an inexhaustible source of pictorial images.

Temporarily interrupting the notion of continuity of that eternal flow, the capture of that fleeting moment that reveals a particular form of distortion of the environment, begins a meticulous pictorial process, where the transparent ability of water is present.

The abstraction of the fragmentation of the image that sits on the water is reconstituted by two opposing pictorial languages, which fuse to deliver an image that reveals a double reading. The faraway look allows a realistic perception of the painting, while a close look baffles when forms and reliefs of the clippings of a mask are revealed, that define the reflected light over the background built over multiple layers of transparencies.